Is Your Sizing Proportionate To The Original Work Of Art?


Last Update 4 months ago

When you order a painting with the "original proportions," it means we maintain the same aspect ratios as the original artwork. In simple terms, it ensures that the size of our reproduction oil painting stays true to the dimensions ratio of the original masterpiece.

So, whether you choose a smaller or larger version of the painting, our artists meticulously create it with precise scaling to faithfully represent the original work of art. A squared painting would remain square, a painting twice as wide than its height will remind twice as wide as it’s height, not matter if it is 20 inch wide, or 25. The following video explains this in great detail.

Additionally, we also offer standard frame sizes for your convenience. However, please note that these frame sizes may not perfectly match the original aspect ratio of the painting.

Our ultimate goal is to cater to art enthusiasts like you by delivering museum-quality paintings that retain the essence and authenticity of the original artwork. We take great care to ensure that each reproduction reflects the spirit and integrity of the masterpieces, so you can enjoy the same captivating beauty and artistic brilliance in your own space.

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